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Artful, Sustainable, Authentic

At its most basic, architecture is a response to human space requirements taking into consideration practical demands.

At OCA, our design process begins with a careful in-depth study of each project’s requirements, constraints, and users. Through this analysis, we develop our approach to addressing the constraints posed by the project taking into consideration the budget for the project. We are not interested in engaging in design exercise that ends up on paper instead of becoming a transformation of our clients’ vision into reality. Great emphasis is, therefore, placed on getting it right the first time with respect to the budget.


Our approach to architecture is rooted in our belief that the end-users – people who live in, work in, and visit the building are the ultimate arbiters on whether the project is a success or not. Our goal is to not only create beautiful and successful projects, but foster and maintain the shared passion and vision that make the journey rewarding for the whole team.

We strive for each project to be reflective of our clients’ priorities and exhibit a respect for each site’s unique context. Ultimately, our goal is the creation of buildings and spaces which are artful, sustainable, authentic and crafted to provide our clients maximum value over time.

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