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EWR Terminal One Pedestian Bridge


OCA Architects is providing design services to PANYNJ at Newark Liberty International Airport for several projects associated with the $2.7 Billion Terminal One Redevelopment Program. Key among them is the new Pedestrian Bridge that will enable a future passenger load of 13 million to access the Terminal, the Parking Garage, and the AirTrain via a climate-controlled structure of stationary and moving walkways throughout. 

The 21,200 s.f., 675 foot long pedestrian bridge will have an exterior shell composed of metal panels and curtain wall glazing. The Large amount of  glazing will allow for ample natural daylight to be admitted into the long bridge walk. The amount of light being let in will be controlled by sun shades that run the entire length of the bridge, creating an environment  for the traveler that is pleasantly lit yet not overheated by the sunlight.

The interior of the bridge has a 160' foot long moving walkway to help passengers travel the long bridge. All structural steel was left exposed to accentuate its industrial beauty. The floors are of natural terrazzo that will provide for a beautiful finish for years to come. The views from inside the bridge are vast, with view to the new Terminal and the waterway below.

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