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OCA Architects' Transformational Smart Growth Project Honored with New Jersey Future 2023 Award

In a remarkable collaboration that epitomized the spirit of innovation and sustainable development, the Gant-Gilbert Arts Collective, led by OCA Architects, has been selected a winner for the New Jersey Future 2023 Smart Growth Award. This prestigious accolade celebrates the collective's visionary mixed-use, community oriented, artist-focused affordable housing project located in the vibrant Clinton hill section of Newark.

At the forefront of this groundbreaking endeavor, OCA Architects played a pivotal role in shaping the transformative vision and executing it with meticulous precision. With a commitment to blending creativity, community engagement, and affordable housing, the Gant-Gilbert Arts Collective's project stands as a shining example of smart growth principles put into action.

The heart of the development lies in providing affordable housing for artists and community members, promoting inclusivity, and nurturing the local artistic community. Through OCA Architects' expertise, 27 affordable housing units have been thoughtfully designed to accommodate the unique needs of artists while fostering a sense of community and belonging.

Beyond affordable housing, OCA Architects integrated community and office spaces, a café, and gallery into the project's design, creating a dynamic space for collaboration and cultural expression. These spaces serve as a vibrant hubs for residents and visitors to interact, engage, and celebrate the richness of the local art scene.

"This Project is a testament to OCA's commitment to working with our Clients to bring their vision for the Project to reality, no matter how long it takes" - Obi Agudosi

As the Smart Growth Awards Showcase event approaches on Tuesday, October 3, at the New Brunswick Performing Arts Center, anticipation builds for the well-deserved recognition of OCA Architects' instrumental role in this transformational project. Together with Invest Newark, OCA Architects has redefined the possibilities of sustainable urban development in New Jersey


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