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Quarter Mile Lane and Buckshutem E.S.


In his prior endeavor, OCA’s Principal served in the capacity of Principal-in-Charge for the renovation and addition to Quarter Mile Lane Elementary School and Buckshutem Road Elementary school, both for Bridgeton Public Schools, Bridgeton, New Jersey. Working with Design/Builder Ernest Bock & Sons, OCA’s Principal developed the strategy for the fast-track design process to ensure timely submission and approvals from agencies having jurisdiction. Quarter Mile Lane E.S. is an addition of approximately 91,000 square feet of new classrooms, multi-purpose room, cafeteria and kitchen within one and three-story structures. The renovation consists of 33,000 square feet of existing building to accommodate classrooms, offices and support facilities. The renovation and addition will increase the current capacity of 254 grades K through 8 to 731 grades K through 8 students.

Buckshutem Road E.S. is an addition of 33,000 square feet to an existing school. The project also includes approximately 7,000 square feet renovations for conversion of the existing gymnasium to a media center and the existing media center to administration space. The addition will increase the school capacity from 404 grades K through 8 to 581 grades K through 8 students.

Both projects are design/build projects for New Jersey Schools Development Authority and are seeking LEED Gold certification.

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