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University Elementary School


In his prior endeavor, OCA’s Principal served in the capacity of Principal-in-Charge for the renovation and conversion of approximately 120,000 square feet facility previously a vocational school into Board of Education offices and grades K – 5 school. In this capacity, OCA’s Principal was instrumental in developing overall project strategy for responding to the project schedule and phasing requirement that would allow continuous use of the facility during construction.

The goal of the renovation of this 120,000 square foot elementary school was to design the facility to serve 636 children in grades K-5 on the first three floors. The fourth floor of the building is to be used by the Irvington Board of Education, accessible by a new elevator exclusively for their use. The overall layout of the building was organized to create a separate, distinct area for Kindergarten students with a separate entry from the new kindergarten play area to serve as their main entrance. The design creates a space that provides a lively social setting linking the various functions of the building. Administration and support spaces including the cafeteria and gymnasium are on the first floor to support community access. The completed project included site improvements for an adjacent sport field, parking, and handicap access.

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