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A Transformative Experience: High School Student's Internship at OCA Architects

Embarking on a career path can be an uncertain journey for many high school students. For one ambitious individual, a unique opportunity to intern at OCA Architects emerged just before the start of his collegiate journey. This internship experience not only gave the student a glimpse into the world of architecture but also set the stage for their academic pursuits. The Horizon Program by The Pennington School allows students to expand their Horizons beyond the classroom.

During his internship at OCA Architects, Caleb Hibbert, a senior at The Pennington School, had the chance to work alongside experienced architects and gain hands-on experience in various aspects of the profession. He actively participated in conducting existing conditions survey, conceptual designs, project meetings, and exploration of various 3D rendering Programs.

The firm recognized the importance of mentorship and assigned a senior architect to guide Caleb throughout his internship. This personalized approach helped him gain a deeper understanding of the field and provided valuable insights into the challenges and responsibilities architects face.

The two-week internship at OCA Architects had a profound impact on Caleb's passion for architecture. He was exposed to diverse design philosophies and various project types. This exposure broadened their perspective and nurtured their creativity and critical thinking skills.

The internship experience not only provided practical knowledge but also fostered meaningful relationships. Caleb interacted with professionals who shared their love for design, building a network of like-minded individuals who would continue to support his journey in architecture.

Reflecting on their experience, Caleb expressed gratitude for the opportunity and emphasized how it solidified his decisions to purse architecture as a career, presenting his experience to his advisor and peers.

OCA Architects believes in the transformative power of internships and is committed to nurturing young talents in the field of architecture. We are proud to have played a role in shaping the aspirations of this promising student. We are dedicated to supporting emerging architects to pursue their dream in this field.


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